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Top Closure      Put-on Piece      Fringe is your Hollywood hair style site for the hottest trends in hair fashion.

We offer a large selection of human hair pieces, celebrity hairpieces, hair accessories, hair enhancers, add-ons, banana clips, clip-ons, hair wraps, ponytails and extensions for any occasion.

Go from short to long or long to short without cutting your hair�or simply add volume. These virtually undetectable hair extensions allow you to change length, color and thickness in a matter of minutes. These hair extensions are made with 100% natural human hair, it can easily be styled any way you like by using curling irons or roller sets, just like you would use on your own hair! The use of styling implements such as hot irons, rollers, blow dryers, razors, & scissors allow you to create many styles. From clip�in synthetic straight or wavy to 100% fine human hair extensions that lasts and lasts, so you're sure to get years of enjoyment out of this lovely hairpiece! Share Dolbezian Hair's secrets to get beautiful, trouble-free hair.

Licensed Hairpiece Experts are available to assist you finding the perfect wig color and hair style.

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